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Relish in the infallible vaping experience proffered to you by the exquisitely designed Plus Pods Disposables. These errorless pods generate a vapor so thick and fine, you’d think you’re winning a cloud-generating competition amongst top notch mods every single time.

Revise your love for the modern style e-liquid once and for all with the best tasting, most authentic potions from Plus Pods you have ever laid your lips on.


The Plus Pods lineup of luscious disposables has been optimized to transcend your expectations. With a 60mg nicotine strength, experience the finest medium to strong bodied vaping sensation with every single inhalation. Each pod contains a delectable 1.2mL of your favorite liquid, featuring fruity essences you would regret to pass up on. Here are some revered examples:

  • Plus Pods Disposable Blueberry - Puff on a gentle essence of the sweet and sour goodness, enjoying every puff that is optimized to generate relaxation.
  • Plus Pods Disposable Mango - This sweet, pulp tropical essence swathed your senses with a true saccharine goodness that will make you feel like the palate is a product of the jungles.
  • Plus Pods Lemonade - The bittersweet spirit of the lemonade will make you happy once again, bringing back a popular recipe that was born ages ago.


As you scout throughout the country, you anticipate different faces to say different things. Yet, Plus Pods Disposables reviews have stayed consistent throughout. Consumers have all accentuated the premium feel of the Plus Pods when it comes to the vaping session. They say that the throat feels the richness of the fruity flavor delivered by the e-liquid and the palate's cravings for nicotine are instantly satisfied. If we were to take a lucky guess, when it comes these types of reviews, what would stop you from experiencing the goodness for yourself?


Plus Pods Disposables feature a new era in vaping by redefining the way your senses feel after each puff. Discover a myriad of other pods and flavors, manufacturers and strengths that stand alongside the Plus Pods nomenclature at the Ziipstock Vape Shop. Only here will you see a true intersection of high quality and low prices!