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Looking for refills for your pod system? Shop the Bidi Pods range here:


Bidi is famous for both starter kits and Pods that are essentially crafted to be compatible with Juul devices. Bidi products are great tasting and sport a very high quality. When it comes to their Pods, Bidi provides the customer with a perfect opportunity to explore a vast variety of Juul Compatible Pods at your fingertips.


With their products rated at 60mg/6% class A nicotine, Bidi derives their juices from a commonplace salt-nicotine formula that allows for a smooth but medium-strong bodied vaping experience. Each pod holds a respective 0.7mL in volume. Some products within the range include:

  • Bidi Fruity Mango Pod: A great new way to enjoy a tropical fruity delight that tastes sweet and goes down smooth.
  • Bidi Smooth Menthol Pod: The best way to give your senses a fresh start for the day.


Bidi Pods is a popular brand when it comes to the production of Juul-compatible Pods, yielding an attractive pricing profile and fantastic flavors. When people look to expand their taste profiles, they seek our Bidi Pods because it lets them discover a whole new range of flavors alongside the classic Juul nomenclature.


Discover the ergonomic starter kit and a whole range of delicious Pods, beginning with Bidi products. These products deliver great flavors at extremely affordable prices, showing off a wealthy library of options. For more flavors and brands explore the Ziip Stock Vape Shop.