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It’s not a rumor that OVNS has gained popularity by appealing to different types of aesthetic preferences. Their world class starter kits excel in providing the consumer optimal quality and an uncompromising vaping experience when coupled with their JC01 Pods into which you can place your preferred salts eliquid.


Colorful options definitely appeal to the eyesight and awaken the palate as a result, providing a sort-of a synesthesia-like experience. Impeccable starter kit build quality is inherent in each OVNS product. Let's explore this company's world class starter kits.

  • OVNS JC01 STARTER KIT WHITE: This product boasts a splendid white design with gorgeous curvatures.
  • OVNS JC01 STARTER KIT BLUE: A great looking starter kit that unconditionally suits all of your vaping needs in the cool color of blue.
  • OVNS JC01 STARTER KIT RED: Draw attention directly to your vaping experience in order to leave bystanders in awe.


If there is a kit on the market that brings the prospective consumer to the liking of the art of vaping, people who have done their research before converting to this alternative to traditional smoking state that they would not look elsewhere. Their obsession with the looks and the build quality of OVNS is unprecedented, turning their new vaping habits into experiences of true delight.


OVNS starter kits cease to disappoint. Their reasonable pricing points entice the consumer and their beauteous lineup serves to please, much like other brands found on Ziipstock. Explore the Ziipstock online store for comparable high quality items provided to you by other brands featuring a wide variety of other starter kits that sport great build quality and ergonomic designs.