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Share the love with the one of a kind disposable e-cigarette, produced exclusively by the legendary CALI Air. Priced very reasonably, this product is optimized for ease of use and durability of function. It’s time to transcend your limitations!


Rumor has it that CALI Disposable feature some of the best builds on the market, and we definitely believe that they are a force to be reckoned with. Sponsoring a medium bodied 5%/50mg SaltNic strength, this immaculate goodness satisfied the cravings just right without overpowering the senses. Below are listed some popular CALI Disposable options:

  • Cali Pods Blue Raspberry Disposable Pod Device: Enjoy the delicious essence of the white-bark raspberry at your leisure with a pleasant aftertaste.
  • Cali Pods Blueberry Mint Disposable Pod Device: Take delight in a gentle tinge of mint on your blueberry delicatessen with every puff.
  • Cali Pods Strawberry Disposable Pod Device: The most popular flavor amongst all has finally crowned itself as vape juice, eliciting finger-licking good fragrances with every breath.


We took a combination of many different people experimenting with the Cali Disposables and found that many keep a similar opinion. Users adores the ease of use of each batch and greatly admired the humble nicotine potency of 5%. Whether it's the build or the flavor, many assured us that they would keep on coming for more.


From flavors to a gorgeously ergonomic design, once cannot go wrong with the Cali Disposables. Explore other strengths brands and types alongside Cali on our online smoke shop, Ziipstock in order to broaden your horizons. For the cheapest possible prices and the best brand selection, don't look further!