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Entrench the palate in a world of smooth, exotic flavors with the Sonic Pods. Buy these pods for unbeatable prices herein, for you will not be disappointed with what will arrive in your mail upon your first inhalation.


Sonic is the new player in the game, featuring a wide collection of delicious Pods that are greatly respected. Sonic products offer a variety of high quality, great tasting vape juices that augment the variety of flavors inherent in the traditional Juul lineup. Try them for yourself!


Crafted at a generous 50mg/5% nicotine, each of these goodies are made with the contemporary nicotine-salt formula. Allowing for a medium bodied strength profile, you can rest assured that your senses will always be treated with gentleness. Each pod contains 1mL of liquid. Some products within the range include:

  • Sonic Vanilla Ice Cream Pod: Entice your senses with the flavors of your favorite dessert without having to ingest it.
  • Sonic Strawberry Milkshake Pod: Imagine yourself sipping on the finely crafted smoothie made from your fruit of choice.
  • Sonic Pineapple Pod: Take delight in a true tropical goodness that elicits a pungent but sweet profile from start to finish.


Sonic Pods are a new way to redefine the vision of vaping, for they offer a great tasting, affordable alternative to traditional Juul Pods. Smokers love to indulge in new flavors they haven't explored before, for it allows them to expand their perspectives with a whole new array of options.


Sonic Pods are just one of many Juul-compatible pods available for your discovery. Featuring a palatable flavor, low price and a vast array of available flavors these pods will never disappoint you. For other options in flavor, brand or strength explore the Ziip Stock Vape Shop.