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Sky Pods offer the best value possible out of any compatible pod brand on the market today. The flavors offer a good blend of fruity and sweet tastes with just the right hit of nicotine.


Sky Pods are relatively new on the market but already managed to carve out a reputation as one of the best value-oriented Juul compatible pods on the market. Offering a 5 pack of pods for the same, if not lower, price as most 4 pack competitors, these pods are sure to satisfy even the pickiest buyer.


Sky Pods come in a 6mg Nicotine variety and offer a great selection of flavors. With 7 delicious blends, there is a perfect flavor for anyone.

Blue Lemonade: A perfect blend of citrus and sweet blueberry combine to deliver a complex, yet tasty flavor.

Mango: The Sky Pods heavy hitter. Their most popular, and best review flavor offers a sweet and tangy mango taste.

Straw Lemonade: A deliciously sweet and lemony blend of flavors. Strawberry Lemonade is a balanced flavor with strong aromatic and sugary notes.


Sky Pods are a very popular option for juul compatible pods, especially on a budget. The 5 pack of pods offers unmatched value, compared to the 4 pack variety popular among other brands. 


Discover the full range of juul compatible pods, starting with Sky Pods. Sky Pods offers a great budget-friendly alternative to traditional pods, with a large range of flavors and blends. You can always find more flavors, brands, and options at the Ziip Stock Vape Shop.