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The expansion of your perception will take place upon your first inhalation from any delicious MR FOG pods.  Shop with us and you are guaranteed to receive your desired product in its best quality. Try Mr Fog Disposable!


The incredibly palatable Mr FOG lineup continues to amaze the population with reputable pods that have been engineered to be compatible with Juul devices. Known for boasting superiority in the departments of quality and taste, Mr. FOG products sport a magnificent opportunity for the vaper to expand the horizons of their taste buds. These Juul Compatible Pods are a top tier choice for anyone looking to tantalize their palates.


The nomenclature of richness in options is inherent in every pods formula, offering a wide variety of not only flavors but strengths to the avid consumer. The saltnic strength percentage provided by the lineup we offer is 6%. Each product carefully fills a 1mL bottle to the brim. Listed below are some of the most popular flavors in the nomenclature: 

  • Mango: a quintessential replica of the actual tropical fruit in vape form, which boasts a luscious vapor and a delicious aroma.
  • Apple: a supremely delectable emulation of the ripest form of the fruit itself, featuring an uncompromising delivery of highly anticipated flavors of richness.
  • Strawberry: the essence of what "sweet piquancy" truly means when it comes to experiencing the synthesis of the concoction of the finest ingredients.


It's not all about the brand name, for third party vendors often offer flavor options that are just as rich in taste as the famed manufacturer itself.  Those looking to outsource their palates in order to expand their sensual horizons possess nothing but positive feedback regarding the toothsome Mr FOG flavor variety, enjoying their affordable nomenclature just as much as their creatively delicious tastes.


A blazing richness of flavor variety is contained within the nomenclature of Juul-Compatible Pods. Listed herein is one example of a fan favorite, sporting a variety of undeniably delectable flavors that come tagged with very humble pricing. Explore ZiipStock for other manufacturers in order to introduce yourself to new flavorful opportunities within the richest repository of vapor products online.