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Your prayers and contemplations have finally been answered with the Fuma Pods. If you’re looking for something that caters to your palate with limited abrasiveness, then this should be your go-to and our online store has every Fuma Juul compatible pod you have every craved for the lowest prices imaginable! 


Fuma Pods and the Posh by Fuma vaping devices are the new hot topic of the smoker's community since they boast an incredible vaping experience due to the richness of their many flavors. Fuma Pods are Juul compatible pods and offer the consumer a great opportunity to expand on their flavor preferences.


From Pods to Pod Devices, Fuma features a variety of flavors that come with a strength of 60mg/6%. Made with a salt-nicotine based formula, each product properly satisfies the nicotine cravings of the consumer without overpowering his or her senses. The pods feature 1mL of e-juice inside. Below is an example of some popular Fuma products:

  • Fuma Pods Juicy Grape: An incredibly sweet juice that yields a pleasant aroma.
  • Fuma Pods Strawberry: A tropical, tart goodness that epitomizes the whole point of relishing in dessert.
  • Posh by Fuma Blue B Ice Disposable Device: An easy way to get your hands on a bittersweet berry that renders thick clouds with every puff.


Consumers relish in always trying out new things, and Fuma gives them an opportunity to expand past what they're used to with contemporary Juul Pods. Delivering a wide variety of flavors, Fuma continues to be a fan favorite because of its nature of delivering great tasting pods for rather humble prices.


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