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The Fruyt Pods are an idyllic expression of mirroring the taste of a fruit or berry itself, subsequently turning it into e-liquid and placing it into gorgeously designed pods that are compatible with your Juul. Take delight in the art of vaping and relish in your preferred flavor for longer durations.


Dive into this full bodied goodness with a professionally blended 6.2%/62mg of nicotine salts, perfectly synthesized for the palate that prefers the extra dance. Eonsmoke added this lineup to impress the most critical senses by supplying them with natural flavors that they could enjoy for a very long time. Allow us to take a look as some of those fancy choices to see if you could start contemplating over what you may want to treat yourself to.

  • FRUYT PODS COOL MELON: Refresh your senses with a sweet essence of greatness, thanks to a wintry watermelon that will jolt them with a powerful nicotine satisfaction.
  • FRUYT MANGO PODS:  One of the most popular flavors in the world right now allows you to finally experience a stronger spirit of nicotine than what you're used to.
  • FRUYT PODS MIX BERRIES: Finally, a forestry goodness that will target all of your taste buds at once with a myriad of delicious berries that will bring you true bliss.


Well, what would you say if you tasted something that completely cleared your mind of your problems? Recent reviewers are honoring the goodness of Fruyt Pods according to research, stating that Eonsmoke stepped their game up by producing a richer, more authentic tasting lineup of flavors than what the contemporary pods offer. We followed the rumor and proved it to be factual; these Pods truly do deliver and complement the Juul so very well.


Discover a tasty richness that will leave your perceptions changed forever. The Fruyt Pods and other legendary brands, flavors and nicotine potencies are available exclusively at the Ziipstock Vape Store. If you're looking for a hybrid between low prices and high quality, you're at the right place.