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Made with only the best ingredients, all of PUFF Pods are sensually indistinguishable from the real deal when inhaled. If you are looking to reimagine your take on electronic liquids, then PUFF Bar should be your first stop.


This brand are notorious for a wide collection of Pods, properly optimized to fit the Juul device. Known for great tasting products that sport a high quality, Puff Pods allow for a perfect way to discover the many flavors of richness found in Juul-compatible pods. Try these now!


This pods arrive in a 50mg/5% nicotine strength, exclusively synthesized from a popular salt-nicotine formula common in most disposable pods. This product delivers a medium bodied rush of nicotine without overpowering the senses with exaggerated harshness. Each pod comes with 1mL of vape juice. Some of the products within the range include:

  • Puff Watermelon Pod: Taste the revitalizing goodness of the sweet seed in the form of vapor.
  • Puff Mint Pod: Reinvigorate your senses with a rush of freshness upon every puff.
  • Puff Strawberry Pod: The piquant deliciousness of the sweet but mildly sour strawberry perfectly manifests itself within this concoction.


This pods are a fantastic off brand Juul pods, boasting a great tasting profile at very attractive prices. People looking to expand their range love the third party option featured by Puff because of its rich nomenclature of flavorful options, one that adds to the already rich world of Juul pods.


Acquaint yourself with the full lineup of Juul compatible pods, beginning with Puff Pods. These pods sport delicious flavors at low prices, together with a wide variety of flavorful options. For more strength options, brands or flavors browse the Ziipstock Vape Shop.