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Redefine your perspective on what a true vaping experience should be like. Spoil your palate with a rich variety of flavorful options that have all been professionally formulated to bond with the senses perfectly, for each pod delivers an unforgettable vaping experience.


bo Vape doesn't play around when it comes to the mastery of light bodied flavorful goodness, featuring a 3.5%/35mg nicotine strength comprised of a traditional nicotine salt formula that has undoubtedly withstood the test of time. Each pod is beautifully crafted to fit the bo Vape Pod System and won't ever disappoint when it comes to flavor delivery and the quenching of the nicotine cravings. Check out some of the products within the lineup:

  • BO VAPE FRESH MANGO CAPS PODS: A deluxe mango flavor that brings the tropical soul out of you with every puff.
  • BO VAPE I SEE MINT MENTHOL CAPS PODS: Immerse your senses in the wonderland of icey minty flavors that renew them once and for all.
  • BO VAPE POD E CIG STARTER KIT: The main dispenser of any bo Vape pods is finally here with an easy to use design that will change your outlook on vaping forever.


As a new player in the game, bo Vape has recently gained traction as a popular vaping brand. Consumers enjoy their sturdy builds and solid tasting flavors, which tread gently on the palates due to a lighter nicotine weight. Those that tend to live on the more sensitive side definitely embrace every product bo Vape has to offer.


Offering a tasty selection of vape juices, bo Vape is on the come up thanks to ergonomic designs and a generally acknowledged practicality of use. Their pods stand alongside many other flavors and starter kits found on Ziipstock for very low prices. If you're looking to expand further, do not hesitate to explore the Ziipstock online store for other brands, strengths and flavors.