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Wonderful and extravagant, the MYLE Pods bring a whole new taste to the table. Featuring a wide variety of exotic flavors you probably have never heard of, these products offer nothing short of a delicious vaping experience every single time.

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Myle Pods

Myle Pods



Stop rushing and take a breath of fresh vape juice, putting an end to your endless desires for that perfect nicotine smoke. Don't worry about overpowering your senses, for the medium bodied 5%/50mg nicotine weight will deliver to your senses just the right strength. Salts eLiquid made from a popular nicotine salt formula, this product is the perfect solution to any of your cravings. Let's take a look at some pods from its ultimate lineup:

  • MYLÉ SWEET TOBACCO PODS: Juice your palate with a saccharine version of the tobacco plant, justifying any cravings for dessert.
  • MYLE TROPICAL FRUIT MIX PODS: Take your consciousness back to the tropics with this perfectly balanced concoction, consisting of the most popular fruits.
  • MYLE SUMMER STRAWBERRY PODS: Pungent yet powerful, sweet but pronounced. This blend will redefine your perspective on strawberries once and for all.


These pods, designed exclusively for the MYLE POD SYSTEM have been tested over and over again just to have customers coming back for more like boomerangs. When interviewed, many said that they like the gentleness of the medium bodied caress and absolutely loved the richness behind every single flavor offered. Thanks to a high quality, many stated that MYLE is their top choice among competition.


MYLÉ Pods are a very popular choice nowadays, sharing the title with many other brands found on Ziipstock. Sold fresh and at the lowest possible prices, we guarantee you wont find such a great opportunity anywhere else. For other brands, strengths and flavors explore the Ziipstock store.