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PHIX remains as one of the few indisputable champions of unique, exotic flavors that permanently fix your perception on what true vaping should be like. From luxurious pod devices to award winning, tasty pods everything this company offers is worth dying for.


With PHIX, you shoot for the stars. Whether you're looking for a full out starter kit or just browsing for a pod refill, prepare to tread the lands of medium bodied nectar. Rated at 5%/50mg nicotine, every fix vape juice is made from high a tasty nicotine salt formula that leaves the senses craving for more. Let's take a peek at some of their popular products:

  • PHIX COOL MELON INFUSIONS PODS: Cool down your senses after a hot summer day with a tasty lemon infusion.
  • PHIX BLUE RASPBERRY INFUSIONS PODS: Introduce your senses to the infamous white bark raspberry and see what one of the world's best berries has to offer!
  • PHIX BASIC KIT V2 by MLV: This is one of the best options when it comes to basic kits, for it is cheap, yet never compromises on quality.


Others can't stop gossiping about the new PHIX lineup, discussing the exotic range of great tasting flavors and the ease of use. This company is a popular go-to for customers looking to delve into the mysterious world of heavenly flavor, immersing their senses into a world of goodness.


Discover the wide variety of PHIX pods and its legendary starter kit, available for the cheapest possible prices. Explore the Ziipstock store for other alternatives when it comes to devices or flavor, for we guarantee that you won't find a richer library of options anywhere else.